Michaels Engineering Geophysics
Dr. Paul Michaels, PE
Boise, Idaho
Michaels Engineering Geophysics
Linux Spoken Here Open Source Tools for Engineering Geophysics
Email Contact for Consulting: pmsolid@cableone.net
Email Contact for Academics: paulmichaels@boisestate.edu

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P. Michaels Download Page


Software Download Page

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

The entire Basic Seismic Utilities software archive may be downloaded in *.zip format as an alternativeto downloading individual files below. The following DOI link is persistent and maintained by Boise State University. It includes wording for a citation in publications.


Online Documentation

Downloads Basic Seismic Utilities (BSU) is software for engineering geophysics. The package includes programs for signal processing and seismic modeling (Lamb's problem, Near-field, Rayleigh Wave synthetic seismograms).  BSU is designed for extension and further programming.  It is written in Fortran (mixed G77, F90, using gfortran) and C-language.   Highly compatible (NO XDR) with Seismic Unix. BSU program bswp.c can toggle between XDR and NO XDR for Seismic Unix comaptibility

SeismicUnix Github

BSU Requires or Recommends:

Packages for the above can be found for most Linux distributions in either RPM or DEB formats.

Other recommended software includes:


BSU-3.0.1: Select Binaries or Source Code:


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